MattMatic's Photoshop Techniques
A list of some useful tutorials and ideas for Photoshop. For beginners and experts alike ;-)
Pentax User
Friendly resource for all things Pentax related. I'm often on this forum - with the username "MattMatic" (of course!)
A great place to see inspiring images, learn techniques, and get your photos critiqued. (Links to my portfolio)
My original collection of links
A set of useful Photoshop, Pentax and other links.
The website of a couple of ePhotoziners. Excellent landscape photography and a smattering of very useful advice and tutorials.
PBase image gallery. (Links to my gallery)
Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page
Probably THE best source for all things Pentax K-mount.
Details, specs, information a'plenty!
MattMatic Blogspot
My blog...

...need more time to update it!!
Silkypix RAW converter
A RAW converter with excellent image quality and unrivaled control over image colour.